“By integrating with third-party systems and CRM while aligning your digital campaigns, Pardot can become a true digital transformation enabler.”

Tom Hayward

Founder and Lead Consultant

Tom brings a pragmatic approach to delivering marketing automation programs in Pardot with fundamental strategic objectives at the core of every discussion.

| [email protected]  | (US) 512 955 044 | (UK) 020 33148 515

Tom Hayward, a passionate advocate and expert in Salesforce Pardot and B2B marketing, works in close collaboration with forms worldwide to help provide programs and support that enables company growth while empowering clients to be more innovative in their application of marketing automation.  

Drawing on a deep understanding of B2B customer engagement within the confines of Salesforce Pardot, Tom has worked with a plethora of clients in Europe and the USA to redesign their customer engagement and new client acquisition programs.

Tom’s approach to consulting focuses on providing a solution which adds tangible value to the firm first. Conversations will often be steered towards fulfilling a marketing or business objective and building programs with the best possible chance of driving MQL’s to the sales team.

Having completed many consulting projects with clients using Salesforce Pardot Tom has a vast array of cross-sector experience to draw upon. Each contributes to providing the best possible solution.

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