Salesforce Sales Cloud (CRM) is the driver of all of our business intelligence. We need the data to tell the story of our companies growth in a way which is visual and easy to circulate amongst the management team.

As cliche as it is to say, your CRM is only as good as the data which is inputted. But without the reports and dashboards in place, you won’t be able to draw conclusions from the data regardless.


Market leading peer-to-peer lender, Thincats, have a strong hold on their business development and effective sales processes. What was missing is actionable business intelligence data to derive from Salesforce Sales Cloud (CRM). In order to forecast future sales projections and make strategic decisions the fintech innovator needed access to the metrics which were important to them.


Working alongside a sales administrator we set about to define the business performance metrics which were most relevant. With these metrics agreed we could plan how Salesforce reports and dashboards could be manipulated to display the data in way which was easy to present to management.


Thincats were able to understand where most sales were coming from in each of their business units. With accurate reporting on sales performance, better incentives could be introduced and further training could be administered as required.