Sancus Funding


Business loans are the order of the day and our credit team needs them in abundance.

Innovative fintech startup Sancus Funding needed to increase the size of their loan book to appease investor appetite. Credit underwriters had a strong hold on what the ideal applicant looked like, they just needed a mechanism to get them through the door.


The fintech revolution was in full swing and the UK was quickly making a name for itself as a global fintech hub. The pioneers at Sancus Funding had managed to democratise funding for businesses. While a steady volume of applicants where forthcoming, a higher volume of deals was required to scale the business. Delivering applicants was fine but this project was all about generating the right type of applicant which was likely to be approved for a loan.


Let’s talk a bit about progressive profiling. Pardot’s progressive profiling functionality allows Pardot users to gain compelling insights on prospects through consecutive form completions. We set about combining progressive profiling with a new content strategy to prequalify prospects before they made their way to underwriters.


The quality of prospects improved dramatically. It was a real step forward the Sancus Funding lead generation engine. With more business loan applicants fitting the criteria set by underwriters the volume of loans funded through the platform increased.