Auditing the Salesforce Pardot account opened the doors to a better configuration and new innovation.

The marketing team at Proplend had been using Pardot for some time but weren’t making use of its automation tools. They had got to a point of sending email campaigns from Pardot but new the platform had much more to offer. The goal from this engagement was to better configure the platform in line with a new structure to marketing campaigns. Furthermore, the audit needed to ensure that the technical implementation had been completed correctly.


With a better-configured platform, Proplend would be able to scale their marketing activity in Pardot rapidly. They knew what the platform could do for them and what they needed to get out of it however there was a knowledge gap in the execution.


Our consultants proceeded to conduct an audit of the Proplend Pardot account. The audit covered all areas of the platform, from technical to Engagement Programs. The findings of the audit were presented in a visual is descriptive format so that the client was able to easily understand what had been suggested and why.


The Pardot audit enabled Proplend to review how they think about marketing automation and how they execute campaigns from the platform. They also had a backlog of tasks to address from the audit which allowed them to streamline their processes.