Not for profit

NFP’s face unique challenges in the marketing sphere. Even more so when teams are required to collaborate from different continents to manage a complex product and service matrix.

IATA needed to tackle a series of user challenges to better understand how they could solve complex systems architecture issues using Salesforce Pardot. Furthermore, lead conversion scenarios are plentiful and they needed to better understand how Pardot could do more of the leg work.


A convoluted systems architecture for data hubs and digital advertising makes it difficult to to truly track and report on the effectiveness of marketing activity. By considering how Pardot could be utilised to consolidate data flows and marketing activities IATA can be more effective in their planning and execution.


Two days of onsite workshops were required to deconstruct existing process and systematically explore how Pardot could be used to improve them. Various audit tasks and further exploration were required before making for how the firm would move forward at a strategic level.


The consultation concluded that Pardot was to become the focal point for all marketing activities across all product and service offerings. This meant migrating from 3rd party platforms and introducing new processes to the business. A transformational approach which promises to improve the way campaigns are executed and reported on.