Encompass Corporation


By honing in on one market segment and two personas we’re able to personalise the new prospect journey to deliver a higher conversion rate.

The real power in Pardot’s marketing automation engine is in the ability to serve up tailored content to inbound prospects at the right time in the most compelling way. By focusing on the account makeup which generates the highest portion of revenue, sales can begin to prioritise the most profitable leads.


Generating a higher volume of financial services clients was a priority for Encompass Corporation. In the journey to get there, they needed to understand how they can best leverage the Pardot’s Engagement Studio to nurture prospects in a highly personalised way.


After an initial phase of discovery which comprised of multiple meetings with marketing, sales, customer support and tech personnel our team set about mapping a comprehensive Engagement Program which addressed scoring, grading, content by stages and assignment rules. The key with the program in the first instance is to keep the each step relatively vanilla before building it out further later.


The new Engagement Program equipped Encompass Corporation with the tools they needed to automatically nurture new financial services prospects through Pardot. They’re now able to focus on generating new prospects for the program through inbound marketing initiatives.