Ellis Whittam

Professional services

Generating new enquiries for sales to follow up on is at the core of most marketing programs. An empowered marketing team can help sales to become more successful.

With a new Head of Marketing driving forward lead generation campaigns at Shropshire based professional services firm, Ellis Whittam, the priority was to quickly build out scalable acquisition programs to support an existing content strategy.


With a fresh set of eyes driving forward marketing operations a new opportunity arose to significantly improve how Salesforce Pardot was being used. Strategic objectives were clear, making it simple to address immediate needs. With a series of Engagement Programs in place to support with event and inbound prospects the firm could then turn their eye to creating engaging content specific to each buyer persona.


With tight deadlines we took a collaborative approach to get the Pardot account configured in line with the firm’s processes, integrated with Salesforce Sales cloud. Once our house was in order we pushed on to begin creating Engagement Programs in Pardot’s Engagement Studio for acquisition campaigns.


After discovery there was mapping, after mapping there was execution and then we had a fully functional, three phased nurturing process built into Pardot’s Engagement Studio. The beauty of the program is that it applied to multiple audience personas and could be repurposed for new campaigns. This program has transformed the way Ellis Whittam communicate with new prospects. Sales can now focus on warm leads which have a much higher chance of converting.