In any B2B firm, efficient flow of prospect data from marketing to sales is integral to its growth.

Marketing and sales alignment is a term bound around a lot and often dismissed as a core business program. But with both business functions operating in synergy, efficiencies and ultimately conversions will inevitably improve. This isn’t just about making people communicate better but aligning systems and processes too.


By streamlining the flow of prospect data from marketing, through Salesforce Pardot to Sales, using Salesforce Sales Cloud Earthport will be able to identify exactly what the ideal prospect looks like. With this knowledge Earthport can then become more focused in their targeting and content creation.


First we needed to gain clarity on what criteria the Earthport sales team use to qualify a lead they wish to convert. By getting input from marketing on what this may be too a more rounded view of a sales ready prospect was formed. We took this information to build lead assignment rules in Pardot. The next step was to determine who receives prospects based on their profile.


Sales are now able to focus on closing the prospects which are most relevant to them. Meanwhile leads and tasks are arriving on their desk based on a predetermined criteria set by them. By working the most relevant leads time is saved on cold calling. Furthermore, marketing and sales are now a more cohesive unit. This is pertinent for future growth programs.