Sometimes it’s just good to talk things through. One afternoon of discussion might just lead to a digital transformation.

An all too familiar scenario. We have a Pardot license but aren’t quite making full use of its powerful automation tools. We have ambitious plans but we want to get started with the basics first and we want to show management that we can make this work for us.


Getting the most from Pardot is tough if you’re operating with a fairly small marketing team. However, it’s fascinating what can be achieved when you bring everyone to the table to discuss how we can get an MVP lead gen program off the ground.


After just half a day on site with CSL we were able to quickly grasp how Pardot should be used to create an Engagement Program which focused on a segment of accounts which generated a high volume of new business. By taking an account-based marketing approach and being more segmented in targeting prospects we have a far greater chance of nurturing the right prospects through to sales.


The marketing team pulled together the content, the Salesforce admin chopped the data and the consultants built the program and its assets. Within a small time frame, a new Engagement Program was ready to go. But more than having a new approach to nurturing prospects, the team at CSL were empowered to explore new ideas through Pardot’s automation toolkit.