How to grow your firm with marketing automation and epic content

This is your moment. You or your pioneering founder have developed ground-breaking proprietary technology which no doubt with shake up your niche. Furthermore the firm will grow exponentially, you and your peers will enjoy annual retreats in exotic destinations and win countless awards prior to its IPO.

Hallelujah, you’ve realised the fruits of your labour and possibly more importantly the value of the shares you reluctantly opted for in exchange for a pay increase during the early days. You’ve reached nirvana and there’s not a grey hair to be seen.

Rewind a few year’s, decades possibly. It’s tough to get noticed in this busy digital landscape bastardised by overzealous Google Ad bidders and the weaning state of traditional media. Not to mention a congested market. Our firm’s need to earn share of voice, while remaining meaningful. We have to find our ‘1000 fans’ and drive evangelism through world-class service. All must be achieved on a shoestring(ish) budget and a nascent marketing-sales function.

Let’s take a look at how marketing automation (MA) can expedite the growth of your firm.

Oftentimes, the biggest challenge for companies is having the resource to fully utilise the functionality within MA. Typically, firms will invest in the tools without understanding what’s required to set it up, how nurturing programs should be applied to your business/customer/products or being able to produce the volume of quality content required to be effective. Furthermore, managing the relationship between marketing and sales is often overlooked.

Having a clear view of your objectives and working in conjunction with the various business functions, including the technology team, will help you to extract more value from the tool upon go-live. It’s not uncommon for MA projects to start once the tool is setup however planning needs to begin from when the business case is approved. When you know that it’s coming, start coordinating your internal teams and set milestones prior to implementation and post go-live.

Project management tools such as Trello or Asana are a great (and free) way to keep staff in the loop with marketing technology projects.

Content is still king

The true value of marketing automation lies in intelligent creative execution and communications. Understanding what’s important to your customer will drive further engagement with your brand’s assets. Of course, sophisticated technology is the enabler but delivering compelling content which converts is the way you’ll drive hot leads to your sales team.

For a fledgling firm with a B2B audience, you’ll want to produce an editorial calendar which addresses the needs of a busy entrepreneur who might need your product to help manage their business’ funds or to secure capital for growth. By addressing their needs you can begin to position yourself as an authority in this area. Combine epic content marketing with a quality and competitive offering and the prospect will be more inclined to choose you.

Consistency is key. Outline your content plan and stick to it. You will quickly lose prospect engagement if you throw a curveball theme into a blog post, landing page or email. Not only should you practice coherency in content execution but also in delivery. If you’re using multiple owned media channels to distribute content, stick to the schedule. Your nurturing programs will soon thank you for delivering a consistent flow of compelling digital content as prospect engagement increase.

Consider new channels. Both video and audio have earned much acclaim in recent year’s as firms look to become omnichannel publishers. Most MA platforms offer seamless integration with such leading platforms in these channels such as Wistia and GoToWebinar.

Don’t have the resource in-house to deliver the volume of quality content required to make your automation programs work? Outsource to specialists for each channel. You might wish to work with a full-service agency, freelancers or specialists in content, video, etc. Whichever way you do it, the output should be a priority.

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