The benefits of custom built Pardot landing pages

You might have your digital marketing arsenal in order with compelling content downloads, punchy email templates and intelligent copy, and that’s great but if your landing page doesn’t convert then your efforts are wasted.

As a Pardot user you’ll know that landing pages are an integral component of every campaign you run, be it a new Adwords initiative, an Engagement Program for retention or a new product promotion. You’ll want to give yourself the very best opportunity at securing those conversions by carefully scrutinising and optimising your landing pages.

Through this blog we explore the benefits of building a custom coded landing template into your Pardot account. To clarify, we don’t mean using the Pardot WYSIWYG editor out of the box to create landing pages. The custom coded landing page takes an original design, which may or may not match the look and feel of your website, based on preference, and converts it to a unique, fully customised landing page template in Pardot. You can then build as many custom landing pages as you like with this template that can then be edited in Pardot using the WYSIWYG editor.

Of course, it’s worth noting that unless you’re an experienced developer it’s likely that you’ll need to outsource the landing page build. While you may gawp at the additional cost of creating the landing page, it will be a justified expense.

Look the part

A common gripe amongst Pardot users is overcoming the challenge of creating a landing page which matches the style of their website. The most effective way of achieving this is to take the original design files from a page on your website and work with a developer to convert it into a functional landing page template.

If that landing page layout isn’t a good fit for what you’re trying to achieve, you might wish to work with a designer to take elements from an existing landing page but create a new one, optimised for conversions.

It’s important that there is continuity in the user experience as a visitor or prospect engages with your content. Trust in a brand can soon be lost if a landing page has a different look and feel to that of the website. A consistent look and feel creates a seamless experience.

Mobile ready

One of the limitations with Pardot’s landing page builder is the ability to create fully responsive pages. Sure, you can create responsive landing pages using your CMS but then you compromise on automation. The most effective way of creating a landing page which is fully responsive for mobiles and tablets is to create a custom coded landing page.

Inevitably, unless you switch them off, a portion of your Adwords traffic will come from mobile. Give yourself the best possible chance of converting these visitors with a fully responsive landing page.

Custom functionality

With a custom coded landing page you have complete control. You may wish to incorporate a scrolling form so that it follows you down the page, add animation to buttons or incorporate parallax elements.

The point being that it’s in your hands, explore a multitude of design features to create the landing page that works for your brand and marketing objectives.

If you would like a custom coded landing page template designed and built for your Pardot account we have a great team of creatives and developers who can help.

Please email [email protected] or call us on 02392 007516 to discuss your project.

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