Do you only support companies with Salesforce Pardot?

While Salesforce Pardot is definitely our sweet spot, marketing automation and strategic support are also offered to firms using Marketo and Hubspot too. If you’re using one of these other platforms or considering leaving Pardot for another tool, we’d love to help out.

Do you offer onsite Salesforce Pardot support?

Absolutely, we often either start and finish projects onsite or send a consultant to work from a client’s office for the duration. It’s often much easier to make progress with Salesforce Pardot projects through face-to-face interaction.

I’m thinking about moving from Salesforce Pardot to a new platform, anything I should consider before leaving?

This is not uncommon, but oftentimes the solution can be found within Pardot. Of course, different marketing automation platforms have their strengths and weaknesses but migrating to a new tool is often very time-consuming and expensive.

How does your Pardot support pricing work?

The pricing is simple, the day rate is $800. We’ll work with you to scope out a custom project and allocate the required time accordingly. Prior to project commencement, the days allocated to your projects will be scheduled so that both parties know when the tasks shall be completed.

What project management tools do you use?

Asana for project management and Slack for instant messaging. We like to keep it simple and use tools which many clients are familiar with. That being said, of course, we’re happy to accommodate if you’re using different tools that you’d wish for us to use.

Do you develop landing pages and email templates in Salesforce Pardot?

We certainly do. Custom coded landing page, form and email templates play an integral role in any Pardot program. The Get Funnel developers can convert your designs into HTML and deploy to Pardot or our designers can create a new template for you from scratch.

Do you provide Salesforce Pardot implementation packages?

Absolutely, we love to work with clients as they commence on their journey with Salesforce Pardot. Your account will be configured with your business objectives, processes and systems considered. A discovery phase is completed to ensure that Pardot fulfills your specific short and long-term programs.

Should I use form handlers or Pardot forms?

In many instances, the recommendation would be to go with forms. Using Pardot forms allows you to gain better insights on prospect activity within Pardot and with a custom form template you can match the look and feel of your website’s forms. Furthermore, Pardot forms allow your marketing team to autonomously create new forms for campaigns.

Let’s not dismiss form handlers though. These are great for when you have a website form which has a password and therefore you can’t use a Pardot form. By mapping certain form fields to Pardot using a form handler, you can gain prospect information without compromising your current processes.

Where are you guys based?

We have Pardot consultants, developers and paid media experts in Europe and across the US. Therefore we’re able to accommodate the needs of our clients from across the globe. If an onsite meeting isn’t feasible or needed we can always jump on a video call to progress with the project.

We want to use account-based marketing, can you help?

Absolutely, we’re firm believers that account-based marketing should be the driver for your growth strategy. We’d love to help you get started with ABM and begin to prioritize and effectively communicate with those accounts which generate the most revenue for your firm.