Thousands of B2B companies worldwide are buying the Salesforce Pardot. Each share a common objective of transforming the way visitors are converted to prospects and prospects are nurtured to marketing qualified leads before sales convert those to new opportunities which are hopefully then closed. The aim is universal however it’s in the application of the technology that the challenge lies.

After having successfully supported dozens of firms in the USA and Europe to solve specific issues, build layout templates and program campaigns in Pardot our methodology is proven.

Furthermore, our agile approach to project management ensures that we’re constantly making progress while identifying new opportunities to get more from Pardot.

There is no one size fits all approach with Salesforce Pardot. It’s important to emphasise that we’re B2B marketers first and Pardot technicians second. This means that we’re able to provide the best consultation based on your business and marketing objectives, your internal processes and with your technology ecosystem.

Effective marketing and sales alignment is essential to ensure that your firm remains competitive. Salesforce Pardot is a great enabler of intrinsic alignment between the two business functions. But to arrive at this nirvana we need to bring both to the table to understand how we can sync systems, processes and people.

We’re passionate about delivering an open and expert consulting service but the real buzz comes from delivering an ROI for our clients. We’ve seen the potential this technology has to deliver tangible results for B2B firms and are excited to help our clients grow.

Get Funnel is a network of talented marketing automation and B2B marketing specialists. We collaborate to deliver exceptional marketing services to companies using Salesforce Pardot.

Salesforce Pardot is a great enabler of intrinsic alignment between marketing and sales.
Tom Hayward
Founder and Lead Consultant

Pardot Strategic Consulting